Carolina Gold Rice

Carolina Gold Rice


 Beauty & Substance 

Carolina Gold Rice once was a vibrant crop in the lowcountry it became virtually extinct after the Depression. In the mid 1980s, seeds were rescued from a USDA seed bank. Diligently farmers have restored this heirloom grain. A lucky few have rediscovered the unique qualities & beauty of Carolina Gold Rice.

At harvest time fields of Carolina Golden Rice reveal a golden hue for as far as one can see. It’s only natural that one would be lured into the richness of gold strands swaying in the wind. Standing in the field one discovers something rather unexpected. The flavor is so profound that it surrounds you as if you were standing in a bowl of popcorn. 

Carolina Gold Rice’s uncommon starch character & flavor profile make it amazingly unique. This long grain rice is very diverse. Preforming excellently as a long grain fluffy rice, creamy risotto, or a sticky rice. The fresh, clean & slightly sweet flavor is unlike any other.

Geechie Boy Mill is thrilled to share their first crop of Carolina Gold Rice.

  • No Added Preservatives
  • No Chemicals
  • Ingredients - Long Grain Rice
  • Edisto Island, SC


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