Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we make it... all day.

What happens when you unite a team of passionate Southern chefs, a farmer and miller of great grains, and an enviable Charleston address (and then add a pat of butter or a shot of bourbon)?

Millers All Day Happens.

Our restaurant is fueled by an enduring belief that the best days start - or end - with a great breakfast and a great cocktail.

We celebrate everybody's favorite meal by shining a spotlight on small batch grains, perfectly turned eggs, delicious proteins, craft cocktails, and gentle surprises designed to delight even the most hardboiled diner. (See what we did there?)

Grits newbies and lovers alike gravitate to the antique mill operating in our front window. Our mill channels a history of local sourcing and agricultural magic, turning corn into the plated gold that makes Southerners smile. The 175-plus year-old machine is not the oldest thing around here: our building is about as old, and inspires us to turn out timeless food and drinks.

Located on Lower King Street, just a pinch north of Broad, Millers is guided by co-owners Greg Johnsman of Marsh Hen Mill fame, and Nathan Thurston, a celebrated chef specializing in all flavors Southern.

Nathan Thurston
Nathan Thurston Co-owner

A son of the South, Nathan has been cooking professionally in the Carolinas for 25 years, the bulk of those right here in Charleston, SC. During that time, he’s helped drive the Lowcountry’s culinary boom, commanding the kitchens of Kiawah Island’s Ocean Room and Jasmine Porch. He’s also the force behind a successful Thurston Southern Catering and consults to restaurateurs who want to turn their dreams into sustainable reality. His most recent consulting projects include The Darling Oyster Bar and Felix Cocktails et Cuisine.

Greg Johnsman
Greg Johnsman Co-owner

Much of the rebirth Southern foodways are enjoying comes from the dedication and craft of a few growers and millers who’ve committed to reviving the use of heirloom products. Greg’s Edisto Island-based Geechie Boy Mill has turned out beloved, small batch grains for years, supplying grits, farro and more to some of the nation’s most respected restaurants. An upstate native, the Clemson University grad moved to the Lowcountry to take up family farming and re-energize old-time processing methods. Today, he’s guiding Millers’ preservation efforts – milling grains just a few feet away from the patrons who will enjoy them.

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