Unicorn Grits & Cornmeal

Unicorn Grits & Cornmeal


More than a seed

Rarely you will find a red kernel of corn sparkling within an ear of yellow corn. So when it happens, it’s quite magical. It just so happened that these rare sightings captured the interest of an Appalachian farmer. For more than a decade he collected the little gems until he had enough to plant a stand.

But the story doesn’t end there. Once this mystic corn was milled it revealed its inner beauty. The corn is pink through and through. While other red corn has color only on the bran layer, the unicorn corn maintains the color throughout the whole kernel. No dye, no added ingredients - naturally pink. The milled grits and cornmeal result in a softer flavor profile. You must experience it first hand in order to understand its mysterious beauty and flavor.

  • Available in 20 oz cloth bags
  • Unicorn Grits $9.95
  • Unicorn Cornmeal $6.95


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