Guinea Flint Grits

Guinea Flint Grits


Labor of Love

Once nearly extinct Guinea Flint corn has a narrow short cob with orange kernels. Farmer Greg Johnsman has dedicated years to bring Guinea Flint Grits back to our tables. Year after year he struggled to understand the crop and coax it to thrive. Although he faced many obstacles he didn’t give up. Finally after 11 long years, the stand was large enough to mill. The celebrated harvest provided yet another challenge, the short narrow cob did not fit the traditional corn sheller. So each ear of beautiful Guinea Flint corn was shelled by hand. A labor of love and worth the wait. It has a sweet earthy flavor, almost a honey like quality with a slightly larger grain.

Guinea Flint grits has quickly become a favorite of both chefs and home cooks.  It is also receiving recognition on a larger scale, the Specialty Food Association selected Guinea Flint Grits as the 2018 Sofi Gold Winner in the grain, rice and pasta category. It was selected from a blind tasting of 2300 products. 


  • 2 lb
  • Small Batch
  • Hand Milled
  • Ingredients - Unenriched cracked corn
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